Extreme Baseline Camera Mounts


    o Wingtip L & R camera mounts = Extreme Baseline

    o Human’s eye separation is 2.5 inches

    o Sky3D camera separation is > 25 feet

    o See > 100 times the 3D detail from aircraft altitudes

    o Sky3D software brings out the hidden 3D detail

    o Supports replay on any 3D display, TV, or monitor

    o Upload your 3D videos onto YouTube


Sky3D Software Dynamic Alignment


    o Wide camera spacing necessitates special software

    o Sky3D performs automatic camera alignment

    o Sky3D dynamically removes all camera motion

    o See depth at altitude you’d normally see 100 x closer

    o Brings the action on the ground up to your level

Sky3D mounts for GoPro high definition video cameras

Usually mounted with 'extreme' spacing under each wingtip for Sky3D videos. Flight and flutter tested to 250 kts and 6g wing-loadings.

Make Your Own ‘3D Extreme’ Videos


   o Air-to-Air  (formation flight, aerobatics, etc.)

   o Air-to-Ground  (travel scenery, favorite spots, etc.)

   o Sky3D software creates stunning 3D video

   o Play your 3D video on 3D TVs or 3D Home Theaters

   o Sky3D software automatically combines L & R

   o Simple pushbutton user interaction with software

   o Extreme 3D depth effects from wide camera separation