How Sky3D creates ‘3D Extreme’ flight videos:

Fly & Record


o  Mount HD video cameras on Left & Right aircraft wings     

o  Face cameras Fore or Aft

o  Fly over favorite locales

o  Fly formation flights

o  Record video


Sky3D Post-Process


o  Import L & R video files

o  Sky3D auto-combines L & R

o  Sky3D auto-boresight alignment

o  Sky3D frame-by-frame alignment

o  Sky3D exports ‘3D Extreme’ video file for any 3D display


Enjoy‘Extreme 3D’


o  3D Home Theatre

o  3D Television

o  3D BluRay player

o  USB disk file

o  Upload to play via YouTube

o  Enjoy ‘Extreme 3D video



Sky3D Image Processing Software (Runs in Windows 7, on a 2 Ghz or faster PC)


Custom manufactured Sky3D mounting kit for all Vans Aircraft


Elegant design also supports Velocity’s, LongEZ, Cozy composite aircraft, and many others


Preferred Cameras -- (2) GoPro Hero2's with WiFi BacPacs and Remote


Most other cameras supported soon


User's and Installation Guides


Output & Display Formats


All standard 3D Cinema, Broadcast, HDMI, and YouTube 3D file formats


1080p 3D Stereo Passive Polarized, Active Shutter, Anaglyphic display formats




Free Software Updates


Unlimited software updates for one year