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Sky3D GoPro Stereo Mount Kit



Sky3D GoPro Single Mount Kit



Sky3D Fly and Create Bundle

Purchased as a download.  Purchase includes future software updates, User Manual and Camera Installation Guide.

Wingtip mounting kit consits of (2) mounting kits custom made for GoPro cameras,  Installation Guide included.

Consits of a single mounting bracket custom made for a GoPro camera and  Installation Guide.

Purchased as a download.  Bundle includes Sky3D software with future software updates, (2) custom GoPro mounting kits, User Manual and Installation Guide.

Sky 3D mounts can be used for many air-to-ground scenic as well as air-to-air (formation) flight applications.

Face forward or aft for scenery or formation...

Can also be side- and outward-mounted...

Extremely sturdy and rigid mounting is required to prevent 'jelloing' and 'drunken sailor' video artifacts. Shown here on a Velocity, but designed for RV mounting on the last outboard wing rib line.  Flight and flutter tested to 250 kts and 6g wing-loadings.

Ensure maximum video quality by allowing our expert team to install your Stereo or Single Camera Mount for you.  Contact us at sales@Sky-3D.com to schedule an installation at our Hangar 37 Orlando Apopka Airport facility.



Sky3D GoPro Camera Mount Installation